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KGB Scores at Big Batch

By Comrade Mark on 5/18/2015
The 20th annual Big Batch Brew Bash is behind us, and the results are in.
Place Brewer Club 
Best Of Show! Mike Johnson Kuykendahl Gran Brewers
2nd Jimmy Paige & Karel Chaloupka Foam Rangers
3rd Chris Stancliff Barley Coherent
Honorable Mention Corey Martin Austin Zealots
Honorable Mention Keith & Pam Bradley Austin Zealots

The Ken Rich Memorial Award went to third place winner Chris Stancliff (who then immediately defected to the KGB).

The Heavy Hitters Award and its requisite keg of Saint Arnold brew went to the KGB. Stay tuned to find out when & where we tap it.

Holiday Party and Samichlaus Brew-In

By Comrade Mark on 11/20/2014
Christmas Party
Pot Luck

A Big Batch of KGB Win

By Comrade Mark on 5/20/2014

The KGB raked in a whole lot of win at the 19th Annual Big Batch Brew Bash, held yesterday at that place.  You know the place I mean.  We took first through third places and kept the Heavy Hitters award all to ourselves, yet again.  The Ken Rich Memorial Award went to Duane Vaughn (no club affiliation).

There were 96 total entries, and the prizes were awarded as follows:

1st, Donald Sajda, KGB
2nd, Karl & Ann Marie Pierce, KGB
3rd, John Dawson, KGB
Honorable Mention, Mark Schoppe, Austin Zealots
Honorable Mention, Corey Martin, Austin Zealots

Congratulations to all of the winners, and a hearty thank you! to all y'all who helped make the 19th Annual Big Batch Brew Bash the big success that it was.

Results: 2013 Double Agent Brew Challenge–FINALLY!

By Comrade Mark on 1/26/2014

The KGB’s Double Agent Brew Challenge is that on-again-off-again tradition, steeped in the murky, alcohol-fogged memories of heated battle.  Begun long ago, the DABC was created to bring new brewers into the hallowed halls of all-grain brewing.  Organizers will select one beer style, and each team will brew that style.  Experienced all-grain brewers are teamed up with one or two novice/extract brewers, and they come up with their own recipe and try to brew the best beer among all entries.

Resurrected last year, teams were decided, batches were brewed, and judging took place during our September 2013 meeting at the Lone Pint Brewery – almost.  It’s the judging part that gives me the skunk-eye expression.  I guess the beers were just so damned good, it took the guys up at Lone Pint four whole months to decide on a winner.  I’m happy to report, though, that the ballots have at last been counted, and we do have a winner.

To sum up, the style was Imperial Red Ale, and the teams were divvied up as follows:

    • Andrew Elliot with Craig Gentry and Steven Vande Lune
    • Ed Condon with Ray Markiewicz and Steve Power
    • Don Sajda with Herb Baker and Ron Duncan
    • Phil Kaufman with Bob Remeika
    • Robert Chan with John Dawson
    • Chris Landis with Joe Fedele, Mike Johnson and Jeff Watson
    • Jeff Scheerhorn with Sam Michener

And the winning team – surprise, surprise – was headed up by has-been czar Ed Condon, who seems to win every other contest put on by a brewery.  I’m starting to think that Ed’s cottage in the New Mexico mountains is just a pile of bribe money.  Whatever the strategy, it’s working, and now Ray Markiewicz and Steve Power may be in on the secret.  Start saving your rubles, comrades.  The price of blue ribbons is on the rise.

Seriously, though, my hearty congratulations goes to Ed, Ray, and Steve.  Cheers to you, comrades!


By Comrade Mark on 1/3/2014

As we ring in a new year, so we also reveal the new KGB website.  We’re calling it streamlined around the offices here at the Propaganda Ministry.

Gone is the forum.  The Once-Upon-A-MOP had a grand vision of a vast repository of award winning KGB recipes.  Alas, nobody gave a good goddamn about that, so, by decree of the Once-Again-The-MOP, gone is the forum!  I hope you archived those DIY fermentation controller instructions, because they are gone, gone, gone.

Log in here with the same username and password you used on the old website, as they’ve been imported for your convenience.  See?  We’re always working for you, the proletariat.  Don’t listen to that nonsense about the politburo being “out of touch.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We live to serve.

Daddy-eatin GatorOther than that, frankly, there’s not much difference between the new place and the old place.  A new coat of paint, a new version of the content management software, and a new web host provider are all there, but you’ll likely only see the new paint.  So what’s the point?  Well, our old content management software was hopelessly outdated, and riddled with security issues. couldn’t accommodate us without raising the price, so we switched teams and are now on  So far, the MOP is mostly impressed with Snappy the Gator.

The officers will be the benefactors of the rest of the site changes, but to hear about those, you'll just have to run for office.  Nominations happen in September and elections in November, future officers.  Form your election committee early for most effect.


The 2014 KGB Officers

By Comrade Mark on 12/16/2013

You know how it works by now, comrades; we increment the year and, like the changing of the seasons, the withered old officers fall and are raked into the compost pile of life, while a new and invigorated crop of officers emerge as mere buds on the KGB tree of plenty.  With rosy-tinged visions of proletarian camaraderie running through their naïve and callow minds, the new leaders step up to the rostrum and make their propitious proclamations.  Ah, the circle of life …

At the 2013 Homebrewers' Christmas Party, held on December 15th, at the Odd Fellows Lodge in the Heights, our 2014 slate of officers was made known to the rest of the world.  The rundown is as follows:

  • Czar:  Robert Chan
  • General Secretary:  Jake Frost
  • Commissar Brewski:  Mike Johnson
  • Ruble Collector:  Tyler Nodine

Three appointed positions were announced by the new czar, and they are:

  • Minister of War:  Donald Sajda
  • Minister of Propaganda:  Mark Rogerson
  • Minister of Tabloid:  Katie Murphy

Best of luck to all of our comrades in the coming year.

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11/10/2018 4:00 PM KGB Meeting John Dawson's
12/8/2018 1:00 PM KGB Meeting Craig & Katie Gentry's

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