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Learn to Homebrew Day at 11 Below!

By Katie Gentry on 11/3/2017
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January Meeting

By Katie Gentry on 1/14/2017
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BBBB 21 Style Announced!

By Katie Gentry on 7/26/2015

American Stout (BJCP Style 13E) will be the official style for BBBB 21 on May 22, 2016. See attached flyer.

Big Batch Brew Bash

Crawfish Boil this Saturday!

By Katie Gentry on 4/15/2015

See attached flyer. Party is at Phil Kaufman's house at 3 pm on Saturday. 15435 Dobbin Drive, Conroe, Texas 77384

KGB Crawfish Festival April 18


Holiday Party and Samichlaus Brew-In

By Comrade Mark on 11/20/2014
Christmas Party
Pot Luck

The 2014 KGB Officers

By Comrade Mark on 12/16/2013

You know how it works by now, comrades; we increment the year and, like the changing of the seasons, the withered old officers fall and are raked into the compost pile of life, while a new and invigorated crop of officers emerge as mere buds on the KGB tree of plenty.  With rosy-tinged visions of proletarian camaraderie running through their naïve and callow minds, the new leaders step up to the rostrum and make their propitious proclamations.  Ah, the circle of life …

At the 2013 Homebrewers' Christmas Party, held on December 15th, at the Odd Fellows Lodge in the Heights, our 2014 slate of officers was made known to the rest of the world.  The rundown is as follows:

  • Czar:  Robert Chan
  • General Secretary:  Jake Frost
  • Commissar Brewski:  Mike Johnson
  • Ruble Collector:  Tyler Nodine

Three appointed positions were announced by the new czar, and they are:

  • Minister of War:  Donald Sajda
  • Minister of Propaganda:  Mark Rogerson
  • Minister of Tabloid:  Katie Murphy

Best of luck to all of our comrades in the coming year.

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