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BOM for April Meeting

By mjohnson on 4/23/2014

Here are the beers that Sam Mitchiner (special guest star CB) will be serving Saturday at Phil's house.  They are listed in no particular order.  I will be in Galveston at Schlitterbahn with around 75 middle school students so please drink some IPA's for me.  Thanks to Sam for filling in.  Please show some respect for the guest CB.

1.  Goose Island "The Illinois" Imperial IPA  -  Chicago, Ill  9% ABV

2.  Uinta Brewing Co. "Dubhe" Imperial Black IPA  - Utah  9.2%ABV

3.  Terrapin "Hopsecutioner" IPA - Athens, Georgia  7.3% ABV

4.  Odell "Myrcenary" Double IPA  - Colorado  9.3% ABV

5.  Brash Brewing Co. "Droogs" IPA  - Massachussetts  7% ABV

6.  Laughing Dog Brewing "Alpha Dog" Imperial IPA  - Idaho  8.5%

7.  Ska Brewing Company "Decadent" Imperial IPA  - Colorado 10% ABV

8.  Parish Brewing Company "Ghost In the Machine" Imperial IPA - Louisiana 8.5% ABV

9.  Odell "IPA" - Colorado - 7% ABV

10.  Stone "17th Anniversary Gotterdammerung" Imperial IPA  California 9.5% ABV

11.  Left Hand Brewing Company "Warrior" IPA  Colorado 7.6% ABV

12.  Cambridge Brewing Company "The Audacity of Hops" Belgian IPA  Massachussetts 8% ABV

13.  Dogfish Head Brewery "Burton Baton" Imperial IPA Delaware 10% ABV

As you can see there are lots of Imperial IPA's.  Well, that's how the KGB likes it.  Have a great meeting and I'll be thinking of everyone.  

CB Mike


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