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Tasting contest this Saturday

By mjohnson on 2/19/2014
All right, Comrades. If you come to the meeting this Saturday at GS Jake's house you had better get your taste buds primed for a contest. We will have a blind taste test. No, that does NOT mean you taste beer until you go blind. I will have a "mystery beer" that people will taste and then have to guess the style and if you consider yourself a craft beer expert you can also guess the brewery. Czar Robert and I will be the only ones who know the true identity of the mystery beer and of course we will not be eligible for the prize. All entries will be put into a hat and one winner will be chosen. What prize you ask? Since Don is a stingy dog and will not donate his Porsche for such a worthwhile cause we will have to substitute something of almost equal value. Or maybe 1/100th of the value - it does not matter since you still get to drink the beer. So come to the meeting and give it your best shot! Since I am not a politician I cannot be bribed (although you may try your best with vintage beers) and will not divulge the secret identity of the "mystery beer". Good luck!

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