The Kuykendahl Gran Brewers Homebrew Club

Come brew with us!  Whether you've never brewed a beer before or you're Backa seasoned veteran, The KGB is the homebrew club for you!  Check our events calendar to find something that interests you, or contact one of the officers listed below if you have any questions at all.

Club Benefits:

  • Use Our All Grain Brewery - KGB members can brew 10-gallon batches using the club's 3-tiered brewery, which includes the stand, sparge liquor tank, mash/lauter tun and brew kettle.  All you supply is propane and the ingredients for your batch of beer.  The brewery is conveniently stored at Brew-It-Yourself, and can be used during normal business hours, simply by calling Ray and reserving it.
  • Brew-It-Yourself - 5% off ingredients and equipment.  Spend over $250 in 6 months and get 10% off for the next 6 months.
  • Cypress Grape and Grain - 5% off equipment, 10% off everything else
  • DeFalco's Home Wine and Beer Supplies - 5% off ingredients and equipment
  • Backyard Homebrewer's (Humble) - 5% off ingredients and equipment

KGB Membership Dues:

One year Membership: $25 − Family $40
Two year Membership: $40 − Family $65

Come to one of our meetings (see Event Calendar for time and place) and get with our Ruble Collector to begin your long and storied career in the KGB.  Truly-prepared comrades will have a membership form already filled out and ready for the occasion.

You can also download the membership form and mail it along with your check or money order¹ made payable to the KGB, to:

The Kuykendahl Gran Brewers
℅ Brew-It-Yourself
25770 I-45 N #107

Current Officers:


Czar:  Phil Kaufman
General Secretary:  Sam Mitchiner, Jeff Scheerhorn & Craig Gentry
Ruble Collector:  John Dawson
Commissar Brewski:  Mike Johnson


Minister of War:  Open
Minister of Propaganda:  Katie Gentry
Minister of Tabloid:  Katie Gentry


Officers serve from December to December and are elected at the November meetings.

¹ Do not send cash!